Living Virtually, Dying Virtually

Failure to attend to your virtual death, may create complications in your after-life. An issue that very few people, including most lawyers, ever talk about is the your online existence after your death.

1. Facebook will delete your account for you once it is notified of your death? OR if you wish to remain in existence on the world- wide web, you can assign to your account what Facebook calls a legacy contact. These contacts are permitted to perform basic actions on your account.
2. Google lets you decide how long Google should wait before assuming you have died, and deletes your account by way of its inactive account manager. Obviously, you have to set this up prior to your death. OR you can designate executors of your account. Personally, the latter is the wiser decision, as more often then not, there in online information that is necessary to be accessed post mortem.
3. Most sites have a varied option for designating your account to other people(s), so do your research.

BUT WAIT WHAT ABOUT MAKING THESE THINGS LEGAL? That is what us lawyers are here for-the last thing you want is for family members to turn against each other because your online responsibilities and accounts are not accounted for in your will.